#quilting my #tablerunner getting the hang if using the #kneelift on my machine as I turn back and forth. Much quicker keeping my hands on. 😀

I should be finishing Sue’s quilt top but started this #tablerunner last night 😝 pattern by Nicole from #mamalovesquilts in #modernpatchworkmagazine 😜 I want to do more curves! If this matches my sisters house she can have it. 😄

Not bad for one nights work. This #fancyfence pattern from #modernpatchwork magazine winter 2014 comes together quickly. Still prob have a lot more rearranging ahead if me😝

#strips cut for a #quilt a friend of my Mum is paying me to make for her mother. She chose these as she wanted autumn colours. Not sure exactly if I will use all this yet. 😕will add and subtract as I go.

My 16 yr old Son all of a sudden grew 6” this year but he’s still wandering around with his #wonkysquaresquilt ! This was one of my first quilts 😳it’s dam cold in Melbourne 🏂

My very first #drunkardspath block! Purchased template at the quilt show Melbourne. Is it best to iron seams open or all to the one side? Also had to trim after to straighten the blocks a bit so didn’t end up 6 1/2” might be my 1/4” seam. More practise needed 😜

#anna250vintagemodern congrats @spanzy on 250 followers. Researching your question really surprised me! Went through my pics and found since I started in 2011 I’ve made 41 quilts yikes! I have 12 at home amongst 7 of us, have sold 6 and given away the rest. I think I am addicted 😜I have never added them up b4 & am surprised😳

Ella’s quilt is  finished and is a decent size, around 60’x70’ .

I was inspired by Tula Pinks Love Quilt  and made my own paper pieced patterns for the letters with copy paper. I then used scraps for the letters in colours that will hopefully match Ella’s room. My daughter babysits Ella and clued me in as best she could. 

This quilt has been a long process as I made it up as I went along and fell in and out of love with it at different times. 

Two sections of the quilt were free motion meander stitch and the other two, wonky straight lines. I was trying to make the quarters stand out in contrast with each other. 

A scrappy binding in bright scraps adds a frame and hopefully ties in with the other bright bits. 

Ella was the recipient of one of my first little rag quilts I made at the start of my quilting addiction and still calls it her magic blanket. So cute! So I really wanted to make her a big girl quilt. I will send it along with my daughter next time she babysits because I’m a bit nervous taking it around incase she doesn’t like it.  :)

Went a bit mad and decided to make a #scrappy #binding for #Ella’s #quilt. Took ages to make. 😝

Nearly done #quilting #ditchstiching around Ella. 😀

Zelda waiting patiently for a lap to become available ! Dam #laptops!

Finally quilting Ella’s quilt. My #freemotionquilting is gradually improving. Machine behaving so far 😃 Looking forward to @treehousetextiles #freemotion #workshop I am taking next month. 😀

#happymail. Some #lottajansdotta #mormor & #sylvia

Finally made myself a flat #ironingboard! So much easier to get nice flat seams😀

Playing with #blockpatterns from my books #modernblocks & #tulapinkcitysampler These are my first ever #flyinggeese.