😅 top and bottom section done! #dalek #paperpieced #doctorwho The middle section are all those tiny ridiculous bits on those two final pages. 😳 I left those till last 😜

Thank you @sfielke fabric arrived today 😃

Who knew Big W had FQ’s. Thanks IG friends for spreading the word. It was like a lucky dip unrolling them as couldn’t see selvages until I got home. Scored a #rileyblake #windhamfabrics and the robots are by #studioefabrics the others are nice basics. 😃

Go Hawks ! Whatever happens we made it to the Grand Final! 😃. I think it will be a very exciting game. 🙏

Made templates for the background of the #dalek so I make sure I can make a FQ go around. Never done this before but I think even though it’s s pain now it will save time in the long run. 😁

😳 I’m going to attempt the giant 18” #dalek #doctorwho block! This could take a while. 14 pages of pattern pieces. The middle section looks insanely small and detailed. It does say advanced😜 but what the h… I’ll give it a shot! I want to make all my D Who blocks sitting in the drawer into a quilt. 😅

I love this! So fun. I love improvising like this too.
Thanks yes this one was fun just doing a block here and there not knowing where it would end up :)

lisascreativequilting replied to your post: I have lots of #libertylifestyle and I…

It’s your stuff… Make your own rules :)

Thanks I think your right :)

I have lots of #libertylifestyle and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if it’s ok to mix with the #tanalawn into the same quilt? Or is that not the done thing 😳

Top is all put together now yay!  I am calling this my Improv Sampler quilt.

I didn’t realise it at the time I started this that I was inspired by Rachel’s   Bee quilt, Love in Carnival. (Stitched in colour blog. )  The colours and improv style had permanently stuck in my mind  :) 

The other quilt that inspired me was the Treehouse Textiles  and Cabbage Quilts "Ginger Crush, block of the month " quilt which is so beautiful, much more than mine :)  I would have loved to join  but couldn’t justify it as I have too much fabric of my own to use up. :\

So I made up my own :)

I purchased a couple of precious Maze and Vale bundles from the Melbourne quilt show and wanted to include her gorgeous prints throughout the quilt. 

Anytime I was between projects I rifled through my books and picked a block to make. There few firsts for me, Flying Geese, Courthouse Steps, Drunkards Path, Triangles and Crosses.

I Started out making them all finish 12” but ended up chopping some of the plain pieced blocks in half so I could offset them as I wanted a random look.  A lot of messing around and I managed to piece it all together :)

I love making it up as I go. :)

I want to keep this for a future Grandchild in the very far far future!! I also think I will hold off quilting until I have learned how to Hand Quilt which is on my to do list.

I always love quilts more once quilted  Cant wait to see this one done  :-)

I’ve been doing this for two weeks and I’ve lost 3kg. Mind you I have also cut way back on wine 😜. Has anyone else converted to this new way of eating. I love it as I have been trying everything from calorie counting , 10,000 steps every day etc but nothing was working until this. I know it’s early days. So far so good. Fingers crossed. 😃 #5:2diet

Going to try and piece this mess together into a #quilttop cause I’ve had enough of looking at it on my #designwall. 😜

#tulapinktubemethod. Another new technique learned 😄

Made a little row of #crosses last night.

Youngest daughter in the State school Spectacular today and we thought we were in for another boring school concert! Well I have to say it was Amazing!!!! So well produced and Spectacular ! If your child ever says they want to participate let them. It was a fantastic show and coming from a Mum if 5 who has seen a lot! Of shit school stuff over the years that’s saying something 😜