Zippy pouch for my daughter. I have so much to do around the house but had to get some sewing in. This will be used as a little pencil case for my daughter to take to Uni. I love what you can make with a few scraps :)

The start of another zippy pouch for my daughter :) #quilt#scrappanel#patchworkpanel#improvpiecing

Daughter number 2 wants to make a quilt ! Yay.

Lesson 1 she chose some fabrics and a design. ( She is making it for a male friend )

Lesson 2 cutting squares. Nice easy size 61/2” the width of the ruler.

I was nice and changed the rotary cutting blade for her.

I love when a new blade goes in :)

Zelda on my lap enjoying my cross quilt and she is actually gracing me with a view of her head instead of the usual…her behind ! What I have done to deserve this honour I don’t know but I will enjoy while I can :)

Finally pulled my finger out and bound my Aussie animals baby quilt! 

I was tearing my hair out trying to make a decision on fabric for the binding when my middle child who was kindly taking an interest and trying to help said “why don’t you use a bit of each.”  Genius child! So that’s what I did and I am really happy how this little quilt turned out.  

Finished Measurements 43” x52”.  Variety of fabrics from stash.  Backed with soft grey Flannel chevron print.  Straight line quilting in matching thread following the lines of colour and then I zig zaged in between.

I did a bit of research and the animal fabric is called - Down Under Animals in grey multi from Northcott Fabrics.  

I am not sure but I think there is a  New Zealand Kiwi amongst those animals so I guess New Zealand is Down Under too!  :)

Very overcast here so was hard to take decent photos.

the-unpicker replied to your chat “Finally!”

Oh congrats! I’m going to start selling mine soon. How did you decide howto price them?

Thanks . It was really hard but I just tried to work out the materials cost and then  how much I could comfortably let the quilts go  according to  how much time I had put into them. I enjoy the time and my prices definitely wouldn’t cover that but I was accumulating finished quilts so decided to try and sell them so I could buy more fabric to sustain this hobby. I haven’t sold any of my more expensive quilts. I am happy to wait and see how they go.

I follow a blog by Molli Sparkles and he came up with a Costing sheet so for my next quilt I am going to use this to see exactly how much it does cost to make. He is also in Australia so it gives an idea of the cost here. You should check it out as he has included everything that goes into making a quilt so may be very helpful for you. Good luck selling yours :) Hope you sell Lots!


So Happy! Sold my very first quilt today.
It was a little baby quilt made from vintage recycled sheets and backed with recycled chenille and was one of my less expensive quilts. The buyer is Australian so postage is not over the top. Well it's a start : )
Off to the post office tomorrow : )

No Mum! I am definitely not curled up on your new Liberty London really really expensive fabric.
Lucky that yardage is to be used on my quilt.

Awesome day today! Bargain box fabrics in my local town is closing down this week. Their markdowns have been going on for a few weeks but today almost everything was 75% off! This lot at full price came to $590 and after discount $160! That’s how expensive fabric is here in Australia ! Fabric had to be min 1 meter so I stocked up on purple neutrals as I don’t have much .
I actually purchased some bargain material last week at 50% which was all gone so lucky I did.
The best is that nice pile of liberty. The bottom one I purchased 4 meters for the normal price of 1. Thought it might be a nice backing for my Liberty quilt when I finally get around to making it.
Almost forgot I also bought 4 meters of heavy Pelon for bags or baskets.
Might have to go back on Friday and see what’s left and get more zips and buttons.
Somebody stop me please!

Favourite kind of delivery:) I know this collection Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt has been around for a while but I love it and couldn’t resist this half yard bundle from Westwood acres when it was on special :) #fleamarketfancy #denyseschmidt #fabricbundle #prettyfabric

As I haven’t decided on binding for my Aussie animals quilt I became a little side tracked and made up my own paper piece blocks for a quilt for a little girl named Ella. She was the recipient of one of my very first baby rag quilts and it became her magic blanket taken every where she went. My oldest babysits her and her brothers and said it is looking well loved and a little worse for wear! So now I would love to make a quilt a bit more grown up for her that will last. I was inspired by Tula Pinks love quilt and thought Ella was perfect for this layout. Used scraps to make up the letters in colours my daughter says are in her room.
Ran out of room on my design wall so it’s surrounded by doctor who blocks which is a bit creepy :) …… Doctor who…. Another unfinished project!

Easter camping coming up and remembered the tent needed a repair so giving the Janome a heavy duty workout! Have to say this tent is a hell of a lot heavier than a quilt! It’s a massive family two room canvas but my quilters companion is handling the job quite nicely. I have a jeans needle and thick cotton so hope the repair holds :)

I am ruling the zig zag lines for my quilting! I know right, madness!!!

I am loving the nice straight stitches though so I think it’s worth it.

The Herron marker is so quick and easy, best investment. :)

Love the huge throat on this machine. Nearly finished quilting this one :) #janome #janome-1600P #machine-quilting

Sorting scraps into colours. Pretty :) #fabric #fabric-scraps #fabric-storage